Investing In The Future Of Wind Energy

Wind Farm

As the world begins to change so to does our reliance on fossil fuels. Wind energy is one innovation that is helping the fledgling renewable energy industry make huge strides towards a change in the way we think about energy production.

New innovations in wind turbine technology are beginning to show that renewable energy is a viable solution for our collective future. There are always new and exciting things happening in research and development in this area, and the following is just a brief overview that proves entrepreneurs are looking to, and investing in, this latest technology.

Although the initial investment isn’t recouped at once, there is every indication that good returns come in after several years of operation. For example, did you know that:

Big American money is investing in this technology?
GE (General Electric) has made moves to build offshore turbines. They see the trends toward green technology and the ROI is getting more positive by the day. GE purchased a company only three years ago that makes direct drive components for these wind turbines and had originally planned to start marketing them in Europe first. They’ve been a force in the wind energy market for several years now. Today, as much as 50% of the new units being built are now sold in the United States.

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes?
We are all familiar with the current look of the wind turbine, that all too familiar three-bladed design, but now it seems that the industry is taking on a new shape in the form of wind cubes. Just like the name implies, these are wind generators that are shaped like cubes. Since these are smaller than the full sized wind turbines, they are best used when set up on the roofs of buildings in urban and rural areas.

There are of course many other exciting new ideas when it comes to the world of green energy and wind energy. One that is turning some heads is kite-like turbines. These airborne turbines are tethered to the ground and generate energy while in flight.

Of course, the familiar design of the wind turbine is still the mainstay when it comes to producing massive amounts of wind energy.

South Korea is one of the countries in that area that is leading the way with plans announced last year to have a wind farm offshore that will cost an amazing $8.3 billion. There have been reports that there will be, once the project is completed, an estimated 500 turbines that will supply 2,500 megawatts of clean, renewable energy each year.

In other wind energy news, there are reports out of Africa that one of the biggest wind projects on the continent will be completed this year. Northern Kenya is expected to get 365 giant wind turbines to help with the country’s initiative to move to greener energy sources.

All across the globe, private companies are beginning to see the possibilities when it comes to wind energy. The benefits of installing this technology as a sustainable energy source will not only serve their communities for years to come, but after the initial costs, the ROI may very well be unfathomable.

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